Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As I was walking to my car after work today it started to snow!  It was cold, windy, and blustery.  Who would have thought it was late April, particularly after the early spring we have had.

Luckily, we know better than to work in our gardens this time of year.  We can expect frost as late as Memorial Day.  I'm not too worried about the bleeding hearts, peonies, silverlace clematis, sweet woodruff, hostas, tiger lillies, sedums, and any of the other low maintenance plants in the yard.  They seem to take care of themselves.

One benefit of cold weather - the Japanese knotweed doesn't like the cold.  Maybe this cold snap will knock the knotweed back (even only for a week or two).

The garden won'y be planted until Memorial Day weekend.  I'll turn the beds over one more time in the next few weeks to get ready.

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