Sunday, March 29, 2015

Possibly My Favorite Bird

I enjoy watching birds.  There is nothing more thrilling than seeing hawks and eagles.  Ducks and geese are always a favorite due to their variety, behavior and numbers.  The beautiful hummingbirds and dainty little songbirds are pleasant to watch.  Then there are the larger songbirds.  My favorite of these are the redwing blackbirds - the harbingers of Spring.

However, the American robin may be my favorite.  It was one of the first birds I could identify.  It is a common bird and can be found in backyards, fields and the woods.  It has a splash of color on its breast, but it is not too flashy.  They are always in the yard looking for worms.  They are not pushy or noisy.  They seem civil and quiet - like a good neighbor.  They are also a messenger of change.  It's call in the Spring lets me know that the winter snow is soon to depart.

I used to think that robins were fair weather friends, but I am always amazed to see them with the ice and snow around.   I remember a flock of them standing on the ice by the shore of Lake Champlain a few years ago.

I still like watching them.  They are amazing.

Yep - I think the American robin might be my favorite bird.

What is your favorite bird?