Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Rare Sighting

I travel a lot.  I mean a lot.  This year I have been to Brazil twice, India four times, Australia, Germany, Belgium, all about the United States.  I get to see a lot of things, but nothing so rare and unexpected as what the wife and I saw this weekend.

We went for a walk on one our new favorite nature trails - the Seneca Meadows Nature Preserve.

There are miles of trails through reclaimed marsh and forests.  The preserve is a habitat for many waterfowl, hawks, birds, muskrat, beaver, reptiles and amphibians.  The trails are well surfaced and flat.  The woods and fields are quiet, except for the sounds of the birds.

As we got the the Blue Heron Trail, we were surprised by a pair of Sandhill Cranes.

They are not common here.  They migrate from Canada down the great plains.  This is not part of their flyway.  There has been a nest reported in the Montezuma Nature Preserve.  That is just a few miles away.  Maybe it was that pair.

Wow!  This is a sight I never expected.  What a treat!