Saturday, September 13, 2014

Very Busy

Autumn is but 1 week away.  The last several weeks have kept us very, very busy.

Like the bees that have taken up residence in the walls of the barn, we have been finishing our end-of-season tasks.

There is always something to paint, yard work to do, vegetables to can.

We also decided to add to our work by looking (and finding) a piece of riverfront property.  We are packing up furniture and furnishing for the new place.

We will use it as a vacation home.  I time the wife and I will retire there (and the Barn Board will come to an end).

As fall approaches, the morning dew has been ever present.  The mornings have been cool.

The majority of the garden is harvested. The cool weather Swiss chard, onions and peppers still produce, but we pulled the tomatoes and zucchini out of the garden beds.  Soon we will put the beds to sleep.

The leaves are starting to drop.  I walked to the creek and saw them collecting in the pools.  I will soon be raking them up.

Today was a cool, wet day.  We actually ran the pellet stove this morning to take the damp and chill out of the house.  The last of the summer flowers are losing their vitality.  Autumn is running at us full speed,

Another summer ends, and my list of tasks gets shorter and shorter.  I decided to relax today and just putter about.  I finally started on a mallard decoy I had purchased a few years ago.  The body is nearly done.  Time to shape the head.

Another summer ends.  I look to the next season and the next stage...