Sunday, November 2, 2014

Old Friends

The wind picked up last night.  It is blowing steady from the north at 20 mph.  Temperatures are near freezing.  Winter is soon to come.

I'll complete my fall chores.  Clean off the porch, bring out the snow shovels, drop the mower deck, put the plow blade on the tractor,

I finished the last of the autumn raking.  We have one small maple that seems to wait until November to drop its leaves.  

As I was raking I realized how each tree, bush and plant in the yard and in the gardens is an old friend with their own personality.  I know when different trees will drop their leaves (the big maple in the front and the one by the barn are the first to drop their leaves).  The  black gum tree by the creek is the last to get any leaves.  The daffodils by the barn bloom first, but those behind the barn bloom later but longer.  The big lilac blooms later than any other lilac in the town (and it has the smallest flowers).  There are the plants I transplanted.  The 'Nanny Regan' sedum (cuttings have been passed down through generations), the one lonely trillium I get, tiger lilies, hostas and irises.  I have a map in my mind where the columbines are found.  I make sure I don't mow or weed in certain areas until they come back.

Walking in the yard and garden is like reunion of old friends,  We are sharing our lives and growing old together . . .