Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tasks Interrupted

We have an old sidewalk going from the driveway under our deck toward the back door. I had decided to break the concrete up. It was always a nuisance mowing around the slab. I decided that I would use the concrete chunks to help stabilize the bank of the creek.

I got out the sledge hammer, a pry bar and a pick. I started to bang away on the side walk. I started to make a deep groove in one section of the concrete. I then got the pry bar under the slab to see if I could lift the piece. I then discovered that the slab is reinforced with wire mesh. I'll need to rethink how I break the side walk.

I did learn something. I had heard that you can get worms to come to the surface with deep thrumming noises. As I was banging away on the slab, I noticed a bunch of worms had come to the surface. I guess the story is true!

I then decided to work on my tractor. I remembered that I had noticed a broken sway bar bracket. I went to the tractor store and ordered a new part. I did remove the wheel weighs and put a new air filter and gas filter in, but still have a number of tasks to do before I can mow the grass (sharpen blades, change oil and filter, install new bracket, remove the plow, install mower deck).

I then went for a bike ride. It was windy and cool, but the sun was out and the trees and bushes are starting to leaf out.

I guess I have something to do next weekend!


~ Regan said...

Oh, poor Dad! My paint project got sidelined too... Those Gremlins came and took some of my supplies and hid them on me.... (it's not because I just threw everything in the basement and now I can't find stuff... lol)
It was nice but windy here too. I felt bad for this guy that I drove past today. He had the awful job of holding an advertisment poster on a street corner, and when the whind picked up, it was all he could do to not sail away with that posterboard!

~ Regan said...

Ugh.. Too late to be typing...

I meant *wind*. Duh....

Pat Harris said...

Oh my goodness! Don't you hate it when a plan goes bad. gotta step back and rethink it. I don't have quite the setbacks living in the city, but I have them. I enjoy reading your blog. Blessings.