Saturday, April 3, 2010

Busy Day

We continue to have a very warm Spring. It was over 80 degF today. I spent a lot of time working in the yard. I changed out the clothesline (the old line was getting pretty worn). I then finished removing the fencing which was about the barn. It looks a little bare now, but the post were rotting out as well as the rails. It didn't take much time to take it all down.

I raked out the hosta garden. I did some touch-up painting around the barn, and also raked out some of the other flower beds. I built up a rock foundation around the well head to put an older pump head over the well head. It looks a lot better than a modern well head.

We have had some erosion on the creek. I spent a few hours stacking rock on the back to limit the erosion. While working on the bank, I found a horseshoe. I need identify it (if you know what type of shoe it is, let me know).

It was nice to be outside, but after several hours of working outside I was getting tired. I walked over to the creek to sit on the bench I put there last year. I startled a pair of mallard ducks. They flew just a few yards down stream, but stayed around a while.

We'll be grilling outside tonite. Enjoy the warm weather!

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