Friday, April 16, 2010

Get'n Ready

Auction Grounds

I went for a good ride this morning. It was supposed to rain today, but the weather looked like it would hold out. It was a nice morning. Light winds from the south. I had a good ride.

I passed by our favorite auction house. There is a big '3-ring'auction there tomorrow. They were lining all the stuff up outside. We are excited. I'll have to go to their website and see what they have.

On this route, I pass by an old silo that is in a field by itself. It is a small silo. The sumac and Virginia creeper are taking it over. The silo looks like the leaning tower of Pisa - it is leaning a lot!

Leaning Silo

I got done with my ride (35 miles, 19.6 mph) and then went to the Husqvarna delear for a bracket they had ordered for me. I had a cracked sway bar bracket which is used to help support the mower deck. I put the new bracket on, sharpened the mower blades, removed the snow plow, changed the oil, and installed the mower deck and the front bumper. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I started to give the yard its first mowing that it would rain.

I was thinking that if I didn't go for a bike ride, I could have got the mowing done. However, I'd rather ride (and besides, I wasn't planning on mowing until Sunday)!

I put the second coat of finish on the gate leg table. I will let it dry today. I'll put the table upstairs in the sitting area as a stand for the TV and VCR / DVD player.

Tomorrow we have 2 auctions to got to. The big one in the morning, and a small fund raiser for the local historical center in the early evening. Wish us luck and "good buys"!

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