Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blooming Time

As I was out and about the yard, I came across a number of signs of spring . . .

The common dandelion.


Dainty Violets.

Ground Ivy.

Most of these plants are common, and the violets, ivy and dandelion are pretty invasive and sometimes considered to be weeds. I am not obsessed by perfect lawns. Grass is boring compared to any of these plants.

However, the warm weather has brought out the Japanese Knotweed. Though the knotweed is only2 inches tall now, it can grow to 6 feet or more. I've already sharpened up the scythe. Bring it on . . .

Emergent Japanese Knotweed.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! not the knotweed!!! :(

but at least the other 'weeds' are not so bad as the knotweed.


~ Regan said...

hahaha, Man, it's not going to quit, is it?? That knotweed is horrible!

Your pictures are so beautiful! I really love them!~ Never saw a dandelion look so pretty!