Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Colors

My wife and I were talking yesterday about the onset of Spring.  I noted that the trees were starting to leaf out.  My wife was looking out the window towards Spook Hill.  She noted how the leaves of the trees looked like fall leaves - as they were leafing out they were multi-colored.

How was it that I missed this?

When I drove home from work today I made sure I saw the colors of the trees.  Of course there were whites and pinks and plums associated with flowering fruit trees, but the leaves took on many colors. pale reds and brown, light yellow-greens, all shades of soft green.  They were like the fall colors - just muted.

Sometimes you don't see things until someone helps you to see them.

Thanks Nana!


Carole said...

Happy Birthday bro. whatever the colors!

~ Regan said...

Yes, I noticed the maple behind our fence, it's new buds area slight hue of plum!