Saturday, April 3, 2010

Auction Finds

Yesterday was my 'off-Friday'. We went to the local auction house. It was a good auction (at least for "mantiques"). We picked up a 6 gallon crock. Surprisingly, we saw it a few months ago. Back then, the crock went unsold (minimum bid was $10. Had I known the wife wanted it, I would have jumped on it. It came up ago, so I bought it, The colors were good, though there are a few chips and a slight crack. I got it got $25. The wife loved it.

I took a toolbox with some braces (drills) and assorted tools. It also went for $25. We also picked up a few pitchforks ($15). I needed some for the compost piles. For $15, you can't beat the price.

And what would Uncle Tractor do without a cast iron tractor seat. It is a Eureka 128 (you can see the name Eureka cast into the seat). It was repainted a solid red. It might be a reproduction (at $15, no big deal), though is a nice decorative item (I now have it hanging in the barn). Tractor seats are collectible. Maybe I'll start collecting them!

We also put an absentee bid in for some red / white toile plates for our daughter. I am sure that we did not bid enough - but you never know. We'll see in a few days if we get a call!

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