Saturday, April 16, 2011

Regaining Balance

I've been very busy the last three weeks.  Design reviews, travel to Alabama, trips between New York and Vermont, proposals, and a 5 day trip to San Francisco for meetings.  I was feeling tired, the life drained from me.  I left work yesterday and drove down to the South Slang and by the lake.  There has been a lot of rain, and the lake level is above flood stage.  The ice is now clear from most of the bays, and even the slow waters are ice free.  Just being by the water made me feel better.

I set out to paddle about the South Slang this morning.  The winds were expected to pick up to 20 - 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.  I've been out in such conditions before, and don't want to repeat it.  I thought I'd get a few hours in before the winds picked up.

It is a grey day with cool temperatures (~40 degF) with winds out of the south.  There is flooding around the low-lying fields.

Even the boat launch is under 1 - 2 feet of water.

The road is slightly flooded.

I never thought I'd be sharing the water with cars!

The high water allowed me to paddle into the woods.  This is where you will find ducks and geese.

The South Slang is a marshy area filled with cattails. Many birds nest there, as do Canada geese.

I saw something swimming about in the distance.  What was it?

An otter!

Muskrats dens are everywhere . . .

. . . as are muskrats!

The woods by the mouth of the South Slang were flooded.  It is fun to paddle between the trees.

As I paddled along the cliffs by the shoreline, I came across icicles on the overhanging branches.  The wind was out of the north yesterday.  The winds caused spray on the plants by the water, and with the below-freezing temperature last night, the icicles were formed.

Lake Champlain is ice free.

The osprey are about.

There is still snow on the mountains.

Geese are about.

I hope to see some wood ducks soon.

As I was paddling, I could feel life flow back into me soul.  Every breath seemed to strengthen me.  Balance is being restored.


Carole said...

Your photos are fantastic! Thanks for sharing bro!
ps.... photos from San Fran would be super cool...

~ Regan said...

Love the pics, Dad! Especially the otter one, what curious creatures! ;)
Its no surprise that being alone in a boat with all that beauty around you can be so energizing.