Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Easter Paddle

I decided to get a longer paddle in.  I put in above the falls, and paddled up the Otter for 6 miles.  This part of the Otter has some houses on the river as you leave town, but then opens into farmland.

The wildlife is not as numerous as that at the mouth of the Otter.  The current was pretty strong (~ 2 mph).  There were some waterfowl about, mostly Canada geese, mallards and black ducks.

I saw an redtail hawk upstream in a tree.  As I got close enough for a photo, it took off.  It circled around and  then flew off through the trees.

Off in the distance was Buck Mountain.

I would come across ducks, but would never get real close.  I would start to get close, but as I would get the camera out, the current would quickly push me downstream away from the ducks.

I was able to get some good photos of swifts.  They are very hard to get when they are flying.  They always remind me of little fighter jets!

What was that up ahead?  Yep - a turkey!  I see them a lot when I paddle the Otter.

Ahead I could see Snake Mountain.

Finally, I got to the bridge.  It took me 3 hours to go 6 miles.

I turned around and started to head back.  It was good to get the current helping me.

There are a number of smaller creeks feeding into the Otter.  At this time of year you can paddle up them.  You never know what you will find.

Inquisitive squirrels.

Skunk cabbage.

Bracket fungus on an old log.

I pulled into one little creek.  Off in the distance was a cluster of weathered barns and an old windmill.

Three hours to go upstream the 6 miles.  One hour to get back.  A pretty good early season training paddle.  Good to build endurance.

I was hungry.  I got home and ate some jelly beans and chocolate (no, thats not all I ate - I actually, I ended up eating some pasta for lunch).

I didn't see the Easter Bunny, but I saw some of his friends.  Happy Easter!

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