Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not Peeps - Peepers!

It's almost Easter, and many of us think about marshmallow peeps (my mom loved them).

However, the spring peepers are now about!

As I was riding today, I passed by several upland marshes.  The sound of the peepers was incredible.  You couldn't hear anything else.  Hundred, thousands of tiny frogs calling for a mate across acres of marshland.  I lived by a marsh many years ago when I lived near the Chesapeake Bay.  But the sound level was nothing like I heard yesterday.  Incredible.

Do you enjoy the sound of the spring peepers?

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Holly said...

We do! We heard ours about 2 weeks ago, which gave us hope that the snow might finally be leaving us and spring will be here. Thanks for the photo, as I have never seen one in person (yet!).