Sunday, April 17, 2011

Morning on the South Slang

The high winds and rains ceased early in the morning.  The wind has died down, so I decided to get some more paddling in.  I went back to the South Slang.  With the rain last night, the water will be up a little.  By the middle of the summer, the water be be several feet lower and I won't be able to paddle into to slang as easily.

The waters were much calmer this morning.  The temperature was about 42 degF.

I was able to paddle into the flooded forests.  I could see ducks ahead, but they would fly away before I could get close enough for any photos.

Out on the slang it was peaceful.  I just wanted to drift about, but part of me wanted to do some paddling.

The sky would darken, then clear.  The wind would pick up, then become calm.

I started to paddle up into the slang.  Mallards were about.

Off in the distance I could see a large osprey nest.  A pair of osprey were on the nest.

One flew off towards the west.

The other stayed back for a few minutes.

Then flew off to the south.

It came back a few minutes later with a large stick.  I missed the shot of it returning.  I decided to wait for a while to see what would happen next.

Geese flew by . . .

. . . and the osprey were ever vigilant.  What is it looking at?

The mate came back with a fish.

I was blessed with the osprey flying in and out of the nest.  I tipped my hat to them and thanked them for allowing me to watch them.  I then paddled away.

Just down the slang was another osprey nest.  This one was only about 10 feet above the water.  I did not come too close as I didn't want to disturb these incredible birds.

What is that in the distance?  A Beaver?  A Muskrat?

I think it is a muskrat.

However, there are signs of beaver.  I did not see any signs of a lodge about, but I know they are around.  There used to be some large beaver lodges in the southern part of the slang.  I try there later.

Another fine day to be on the water.


Carole said...

Wow, you are getting really good at taking nature pictures! Well done bro!!

Uncle Tractor said...

Take lots of pictures (I average 25+ per hour), set your camera at its highest pixel setting, and have a good optical zoom (I only have a 10x zoom). Keep your eyes open, look all around you, and count on luck. I keep it simple. I use MS Paint for my cropping needs.

Lee said...

beautiful shots mate!

Uncle Tractor said...

Thanks Lee. Not as good as your photos from the bigger water, but now the Lake is ice-free, I hope to get some nice ones soon. - Bob