Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Balance - Part 2

It was around 50 degF today.  I decided to go kayaking after work (I usually cycle, but looked forward to a short paddle).

At first I was planning on putting in on the river and just getting some time in focusing in paddling.  The river is great for a flatwater workout for speed and endurance.  I stopped by Town Beach at Kingsland Bay.  The call of open water got to me, so I decided to put in there.  Kingsland Bay is one of the campsites on the Lake Champlain Paddler's Trail.  It is one of my favorite places for a short paddle.

The bay is U-shaped.  The mouth of the bay is somewhat constricted.  The winds were from the north, pushing 1 to 2 foot wind waves into the bay.  The bay is ringed by cliffs around its perimeter and at the mouth.  The waves were confused near the cliff face at the mouth of the bay.  I was going to paddle over to the next bay, but I did not feel like fighting the clapotis.  The water is very cold, I was alone, and still need to sharpen my bracing and balance skills.  Better safe than sorry.

I paddled around the bay, getting used to the waves under me, practicing bracing and turning.  It was fun paddling near the shore and taking in the scenery.  I paddled away from shore into the middle of the bay.  The waves were 1 to 2 feet in the center.  I was exciting paddling into the waves.  I then paddled across the bay and did some bird watching.  I went back across the bay.  There are several mooring buoys in one of the calmer parts of the bay. I practiced turning around the buoys.

At one of the more protected parts of the bay, there was still some remnants of ice.  It will be gone soon.

It was getting darker outside.  I had been out for over an hour, so I decided to paddle back.  The lake is high.  One thing you need to be conscious of are submerged rocks.  It is a natural tendency to paddle near shore, but you have to be careful not to hit a submerged rock - you don't want to take a spill in 35 degF water!

I was getting hungry.  I paddled back to shore, put my kayak on the car, and went home.  The weather is looking to be cold and rainy for the next few days.  I hope to get a long paddle in over the weekend.

Stay Safe!

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