Thursday, April 28, 2011

Local Flooding

We have had tons of rain the last week.  The rivers and lake are at record heights.

I went for a ride after work yesterday.  We had very warm temperatures (80+ degF).  It was warm, windy and humid.  It felt like summertime.  I didn't need to wear any cold weather gear, just my biking shorts and jersey.

It was warm again today.  I went for another ride down by the river, but the road was closed - it was flooded.

There was a woman taking photos.  She pointed to something in the water.

What is it?

Ants! Ants trying to survive the flooding.  Amazing!

I hope to paddle across the lake this weekend.  With all the rain, there is a good chance for waterfalls to be coming off the cliffs on the New York side of Lake Champlain. We'll see what it is like . . .

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~ Regan said...

How sad. I never thought I'd say "Those poor ants!" But I can't help feeling this way.
It doesn't help that I just got done watching the news regarding all the destruction from the recent storms and tornadoes.