Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paddling the Mouth of Otter Creek

A pictorial of my paddle today.  It was cool.  About 25 degF.  The bays were frozen, . . .

. . .  as were the slower slangs and river valleys.

Low-lying areas are still frozen.

The Otter Creek is ice free, and it has flooded low-lying areas around it.

The broad lake still has a sizable ice-pack, . . .

. . . as have most of the bays.

Evidence of the recent icepack breakup on the river is found on this beaver lodge.

A lot of waterfowl are to be found.  Buffleheads (female on left, male on the right), . . .

. . . male merganser, . . .

. . . bald eagles,  . . .

. . .  and immature bald eagles!

Paddling in the flooded woods is like paddling in a swamp!

An occasional cormorant.

Flock of mergansers getting ready to take flight.

Canada geese.


One of many osprey nests.

One of many wood duck boxes in this wildlife management area.

My kayak.  Warm spirit, cold feet!


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