Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Problem With Snow

Is it too cold?  No, I seem to bear the temperature.

Is it too much work to get rid of?  Not really, I spend more time mowing grass each week than shoveling or plowing.

Is it ugly?  Actually, it is quite beautiful.

Is it boring?  No, a good storm is exciting.

What is the problem with snow?

I think the problem with snow is that it just gets in the way.  You have to worry about extra clothes, slipping, slush, shoveling roofs, tough driving, tracking ice into the house.  You spend so much time working around it, you cannot focus on those things which are more important (or should be more important).

Case in point, March 7th.  This past week, we had a whopper of a storm.  I focused on shoveling, telecons, cancelled flights, rebooking flights, more shoveling, repacking, emails, etc.

But I missed it.  It was 5 years ago on March 7th that my brother passed away.  I completely missed it.  I think about him everyday.  I was even talking about him with coworkers today.  But I missed it.

I don't feel guilty.  Sometimes life (or snow) just gets in the way.


Anyway, we miss you Kevin!

(Kevin didn't really like snow, but he loved a good snowstorm!)


~ Regan said...

Sweet Kevin! I miss him, too. He was always so happy.

It was also the night you were moving into the farmhouse, as I recall.

I love you, Dad. Btw, kiddo is 'reading (or reciting) Harry the Dirty Dog word for word. :) its her favorite book.

Carole said...

XOXO Kevy!!!

Uncle Tractor said...

Regan - It was the nite we moved into the farmhouse. Life is unpredictable. We just need to accept the unpredictable.

I used to have a copy when I was in 1st or 2nd grade. It is a great book. I think we still had it when you were little! Kiss the Kiddo me mom and me!