Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is Here!

What a great weekend!

Today is the first day of Spring.  It is cold out today (just 21 degF this morning), but the sun is out, the winds are light, and we will get to 40 degF.  I'll get on the bike later this afternoon (I need to clean my chain and frame from all the sloppy, wet riding I have been doing over the last few weeks - my bike can hardly shift!).

I hope you got to see the 'super moon' last nite.  It was spectacular.

This was Maple Syrup Open House weekend in Vermont.  As we went driving around running our errands yesterday, you could see the steam rising from the sugar shacks.  We were reminiscing about making sugar-on-snow with our daughter.  What fun.  We went to downtown Burlington and hung around Church Street.  It was nice to be downtown without tons of snow and sloppy weather.  We are looking forward to warm summer days, green, flowers, open water and farmer's markets.  We'll still get some snow and snow showers for several week, but I am confident we won't see any large snows.

I had gone cycling after work on Friday (can you believe we were around 55 degF).  I rode down by the river, and it was still ice-covered, but the ice was quickly melting and you could see open water in spots.  Yesterday, we drove over the falls and the river was ice free above the falls and down in the basin.  I need to check out the river today to see if we are now fully ice free.  If so, I know I'll be kayaking next weekend.  

Enjoy the day!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish our daughter and her family lived closer to us, so we could take their little one to sugar on snow. :)

Our daughter looked forward to it every year and it was such fun. :)