Monday, March 7, 2011

It Ain't Over Yet!

I was supposed to fly down to Philadelphia for work today.  But Nature decided to do her thing, and my trip was cancelled.

We have blowing snow, with accumulations near 2 feet.  The city plows came by, but got stuck in front of our place.  They had to send a bucket loader over to pull the plow out!

We had to shovel the snow from around our cars.  It had drifted up over the hoods and trunks!

It still looks like it will be several weeks before I can get out and paddle.  The rivers and bays are still ice choked.

Luckily, its warm inside.

Stay Safe!


~ Regan said...

Snow?..... snow? Gee, I almost forgot what snow was like, hee hee! (Sorry just being a brat and rubbing it in) hope it doesn't last too long for you!

Uncle Tractor said...

You brat!