Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Was That . . .

I went for another ride today.  It was around 42 degF, with winds out of the southeast.  The first 18 miles were fine, but as the sun set lower and I headed into the wind, I was growing cold and tired.

Then I heard it . . .  conk-a-reeee.

It lifted my heart. I kept a lookout for the culprit.

I heard it again . . . conk-a-reeee.

I looked up and saw it!

Yes, it was a red wing blackbird!

As far as I am concerned, Spring is officially here.

Snow has to melt (we still have 1 foot on the ground), and the rivers and lake are ice covered.  But the cycle has started back.  Though we will officially recognize the Spring equinox next week, as far as I am concerned,  Spring is here.

Has Spring started where you are?

1 comment:

nancy said...

I am enjoying hearing the birds sing and the watching the snow melt. :) pretty soon, honey, we'll be out on Lake Champlain in our kayaks!

Make sure you have the tow rope handy...