Monday, March 14, 2011

1 Week Later

One week ago we had a monster storm.  Two feet of snow, brutal winds, snow drifts.  Brrrrrr!

Though it is still cold outside (our high today was 35 degF),  the sun was still high and bright in the sky when I left work (I guess the time change has its benefits)!

Instead of going to the gym, I jumped on my bike for a quick ride.  I donned cycling shorts, lightweight thermal tights, cycling tights, heavy wool socks, polypropylene undershirt, fleece riding shirt, nylon windshell jacket, glove liners, gloves, cap, helmet, shoes and shoe covers.  I was start to sweat just being in the house.  That changed when I went outside.

The wind was out of the northeast.  My face stung for the first two miles as I got used to the cold.  I rode along the river for the first few miles.  It was into the wind, but the winding road and woods kept me sheltered from the winds.  The river is still frozen.  It will be many more weeks before I'll be paddling.

I headed west for a few miles, then turned south.  This is a more exposed area as there are numerous open fields and farms.  However, I had a tailwind, so I wasn't cold.  Lake Champlain was off to my right.  It was still frozen all throughout this portion of the lake.

I turned east.  The winds were now coming towards me.  As this part of the ride I was passing open fields.  There was no protection from the winds. I then headed by the falls and looped back to our place.  The basin by the fall is still ice choked.  It will be interesting to see what happens as the thaw sets in.

It will be nearly 40 degF tomorrow and near 50 degF on Thursday.  You know I'll be out riding.  Spring is coming!

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