Sunday, October 25, 2009


"A little whimsy now and then, practiced by the wisest men."
- Willy Wonka

As I promised in a previous post, I thought I'd show you some whimsical items in our yard left by the previous owners. We had 2 'birdhouses' over in the shade garden (the shade garden is a garden by the driveway which has mostly hostas). I recently moved these items over to the 'wildflower' garden by the east side of the yard. The wildflower garden has an assortment of irises, lilies, and other easy-to-care-for plants. We already have a white birdbath and a little white religious statue in the wildflower garden, so I thought some more white items would fit in.

These birdhouses are made with old table legs and craft-style miniature birdhouses. You can see they were painted white, and are now pretty worn. Still - they are fun and add a bit of whimsy. I will keep an eye out for white statuary for this part of the yard.

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~ RM said...

I know some people that will work endlessly to create that weathered look on something new. I think that birdhouse is a treasure. I would love to have a few around here, but I'm afraid it would only encourage Coe to bring us more 'presents'...