Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yes, we are getting snow. It is not sticking on the ground here yet (we are around 900 feet), but it was sticking to the trees and grass on the highest hill I drive over when I came home tonight (it is around 1300 feet). I gotta believe we will have some on the ground in the morning. I find it kind of exciting. I like severe weather and storms. No, this is not a serious blizzard or nor'easter, but it still exciting. I'm glad I spent time last weekend winterizing. All I have left to do is grab the snow shovels and salt bucket and put them on the porch. I could do some more raking, turn the garden over and give the grass one final mow, but I have to wait till everything dries out. We are expecting rain and snow showers all weekend, so it might be a good weekend to work in the barn. All that's lacking is motivation. . .

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~ RM said...

Hop to it, buddy! (<-Motivation)
Snow?? Ol' man winter really likes you guys, huh? I'm already 'over' Halloween, I'm totally ready for the big Turkey Day and the parade!!! Let the Christmas Story 24 hour marathons begin!!
p.s. I'm with you- I love big bad storms and all that hype! :P