Sunday, October 11, 2009

Getting Ready . . .

Let's see . . .
  • I got up this morning,
  • turned up the pellet stove (it's getting cold outside).
  • checked my email (I held off reading the news online as I wanted to read a real paper),
  • made coffee and ate breakfast,
  • got a phone call from my daughter and grand-daughter (my grand-daughter said 'She loves Papa'),
  • went out and bought the New York Times (one of the only good papers left to read),
  • drained the garden hoses,
  • put all the stuff on the deck (chairs, last of the annuals, etc.) in the shed (i.e., converted chicken coop) (yes - I'll do a story on the coop soon) (and yes, winter is coming soon),
  • cut an old lock off the door to the dairy shed entrance to the barn (yes, we have not been able to open this door for 3.5 years!) (I needed to open this entrance if I use the dairy shed for my workshop),
  • trimmed some grass (I mowed the front yard yesterday - decided to trim around he fences, but skipped mowing behind the barn until next weekend),
  • only rowed 5K meters (yeah, I am a slacker - but I did do 20K meters yesterday),
  • took the air conditioners out (we definitely won't be needing them),
  • did some prep work for dinner tonite,
  • made a drink and started to read the Times,
  • made dinner (chicken cordon bleu, risotto, and red cabbage (kinda crazy mix, but went well),
  • ate dinner,
  • continued reading the Times,
  • and watched some TV (yes - PBS)!
It was a cool, but beautiful day. I started to rake leaves yesterday. I am already thinking about getting ready for winter.

It was a good day. I was busy, but had some time to think and relax. Back to work tomorrow (grumble, grumble, . . .).

Life goes on.

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