Saturday, October 31, 2009


It seems there is always 1 tree in the yard that holds onto its leaves much longer than the others. We have a pair of small maples by the trellis. As in other years, the larger of them was the last tree in the yard to change colors. It was a brilliant red and orange color. Its time was up. Yesterday was a dark and windy day, and the majority of the leaves finally fell. I raked them up, and finished filling the compost bins. Now, the raking is officially done. I then mowed the grass one more time. I'll be taking the mowing deck off soon and getting the plow blade on the tractor in a few weeks.

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~ RM said...

Ah, the only change I really like and look forward to is the change of the seasons! That tree is so beautiful! Me and my big one and little one all had a good time tonight- but it was so cold! (40F!) Hope you enjoyed the pictures!