Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Deep Breath Day

This time of year reminds me of preparing for a long race. You are getting ready to put in hours of physical exertion. Just before you start, you take a deep breath, clear your mind, focus on what needs to get done, and then go - slowly at first, but smoothly you build speed.

Fall is in the air, and I start to think of all the things I need to do to get ready for winter. I know, its only late September, but the cold is coming quick.

The leaves are changing and already dropping from the trees. I have lowered the mower deck 1/2 an inch so that when I rake it will be easier. I brought 2 loads of wood pellets into the house today - we are already running the stove (it was ~ 40 deg F this morning). I will be pulling the garden up and turning it over in a few weeks. My compost bins are ready for the leaves. We have pulled our potted herbs inside to beat the coming frost. I'll trim back a few of the overgrown areas where we have day lillies so that they have nothing in their way next spring. I'll be bringing the lawn furniture into the old chicken coop soon (we use it as a shed now).

By early November, I'll be removing the mower deck from the tractor, putting on the plow blade, and putting the chains and wheel weights on the tractor. I be pulling out the snow shovels and salt bucket.

I look around and think of the things I did not get done this year. Well, all the important jobs got done. I'll paint the deck next year, trim back those hollies, grab more river rock for a wall by the road. I have got to leave something for next year . . .

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~ RM said...

Glad to read a new post..or two! ;)
Maybe Mr. Wright was thinking of you when he said, "You rest, you rot.", or maybe you learned a valuable lesson from a kind neighbor. All the same, I hope you have "Enjoy Fall" on your honey-do list.