Saturday, September 12, 2009

What’s a Farm without a Silo?

Next to the barn is an old silo ring. It was full of debris and overgrown with weeds. For a few years I would go and trim the weeds. I thought about turning it into a flowerbed, but I still did not want to weed it or water it. I had some lumber left over from some barn work and decided to just cover it up. I painted it with deck paint, and now it is low maintenance. Next to the silo ring is a concrete pad for the grain handling equipment. If you come across a silo ring, you will usually find a concrete pad close by. We had stayed at an old in last weekend which was adjacent to an old farm. I pointed the old silo ring out to my wife and also pointed out the pad for the grain elevator.

A local history buff in the area stated that the barn probably had a silo made by the Unadilla Silo Company. They were started in Unadilla, NY in 1909 and have produced many of the silos used across the state and the country. They are still in business and build silos. Given the vintage of the barn, I assume the silo was wooden, like the one I show below.

Wooden Silo Next to a Bank Barn

The silo would have been held together with metal hoops. I have not found any evidence of the silo hardware – it, like the rest of the silo, is long gone. There are still wooden silos around. I’ll have to inspect a few when I get a chance – before they are gone also!

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