Sunday, September 13, 2009

Varmints, Squatters, and Interlopers

When I am home, I like to open the barn to let it air out. Today, I had opened the barn, and then went back to get a rake and wheelbarrow to do some yard work. Too my surprise, a small rabbit was in the barn. It saw me and scurried out the under door on the north end. This reminds me that I have to put some chicken wire on the bottom of the door to keep the critters out.

We have had our share of varmint issues. The rabbits took to eating our peonies, silver lace, and garden herbs. To adapt, we grew herbs in pots on our deck this year. I resorted to putting wire cages around the peonies and silver lace (which worked great). Before I closed in the barn and repaired the siding and replaced missing battens, we had grey squirrels getting in. We even had a family of red squirrels in our basement last winter (I am sorry to say that I was able to get rid of them – but have-a-heart traps sometimes are not so humane…). I am always on the lookout for starlings, which nest in the most amazing places. We have a robin that makes a nest in one of our holly bushes every year. We actually look forward to her visits and seeing the new babies. We even get a robin to nest on a second-story windowsill on the milk shed. I knock the nest down every fall, and they rebuild it every spring.

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