Sunday, September 20, 2009

Typical Weekend

My work schedule gives me every other Friday off. Unless the weather is lousy, I am usually busy with all sorts of chores. Let's see . . .

Friday -
Exercise (row 20K meters (I do indoor rowing on a Concept2 rowing machine))
Scrape paint
Prime bathroom ceiling
Trim the boxwoods by arbor and the holly bushes by the deck
Mow half the yard (started to sprinkle)

Saturday -
Exercise (row 15K, mountain bike ~ 1 hr)
Some weeding of side yard garden
Put some dying annuals into compost bin
Trimmed back bleeding heart (the recent cold weather has knocked it back)
Consolidate compost into 1 bin
Finished mowing the yard
Put screen on bottom of north door to barn lower level (those rascally rabbits . . .)
Went out for a late lunch (Italian - yum)
Ran errands (shopping in the city)

Sunday -
Exercise (row 10K, road bike 32 miles)
Scraped and painted door on garage
Cooking (made salsa with the remains of this years tomatoes, pork medallions on the grill, apple and brie quesadillas)

Yep - this is a typical long weekend.

I sit here typing in the late afternoon with a cool drink beside me. Thanks to the technology gods for wireless computing - I can be outside enjoying the day. Soon it will be too cold. Enjoy the outside while you can!

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