Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Color of Change

I went for a leisurely 25 mile bike ride today by one of my favorite routes. It has a short climb over a hill through the country. The height enhances the cold, and I could see snatches of fall colors in the trees, particularly in the sumacs.

As fall approaches I always look for the changing of the sumac. Once their leaves burst out all red, I know we have entered autumn. As I think about it, I realize that red is the color of change. In the fall, I look for the sumac to change. Winter starts with the holly berries, Santa’s red suit, and even shiny reindeer noses! Spring starts once I hear the ‘shwoo shwoo SHWEE’ of the redwing blackbirds. Summer is the time of sunburn, tomatoes, and juicy red watermelon. Indeed, red is the color of change…

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