Monday, September 21, 2009

Move the Workshop

Original Workshop Space

I currently have my workshop in the second level of the main barn. However, that space is very large and difficult to heat in the winter, it is somewhat dark, and the bats tend to leave droppings everywhere (I don't want them on my tools!).

I realized that I could move the workbench, tools, etc. into the second level of the milk shed. It is unused space, it is much smaller (I can heat with a simple kerosene heater), and there is no evidence of bats! I spent a lot of time last year cleaning up this space, fixing the flooring and the windows.


Space in Upper Level of Milkshed

I'll tackle this after I get the stairway to the lower level of the milk shed opened. It has been nailed closed. The stairs look to be in good shape. Hopefully I won't find any 'problems' in the stairway. It should only take a few hours to move the workbench and tools into the milk shed. Luckily, there is a doorway / access from the top floor of the barn to the milk shed. This is a good task as the colder weather moves in. I'll have to get the wiring fixed. It is a much brighter space, so it should be good for the workshop.


~ RM said...

What a great space! I bet once you get everything all moved up there and set up, you'll be inspired to do all sorts of projects! It would be interesting if you used the long wall as a display wall for all your old tools.. Love it!! ;)

Anonymous said...

it does look like a great space for your work area. I'm really glad now that you put so much work into getting it all cleaned up!

that space may also be good for the artist studio we talked about when we first bought this place. hmmmm....

Uncle Tractor said...

This space was a real mess. There were several dead birds, rotted flooring, broken glass, assorted trash and debris, plastic sheets on the floor, over 5" of dried bird droppings in several places, missing window glazing, etc.

We always thought about it as a studio. Plenty of space for that also. Might be a good place to store my fly tying equipment - though I haven't tied any for a long time.