Saturday, December 5, 2009

We Couldn't Help Ourselves . . .

Anyone who knows us well knows my wife and I love glass ornaments. We have been collecting them for a very long time. We set out to do some shopping. We had a light snow, Xmas music was playing in the car, and we found ourselves in one of our favorite antique stores.


We found a bunch of nice glass ornaments (and had to buy them)! Quite a few were contemporary (mainly the Santa ones). There were a few mid-50's vintage Shiny-Brite type which we picked up. Shiny-Brite was the maker of a lot of the common glass ornaments in the 50s and 60s. We have as smattering of Shiny-Brite ornaments from my parents. Most were simple glass balls with basic paint schemes. We found a few different shapes which we did not have. When I told one of the shop owners that we 'collected' glass ornaments, she pulled out a box of larger, older glass ornamaments. They appear to be older German ornaments. A few were very nice (interesting indented shapes and really good paint). We just had to have them!

When we were putting up the tree, it seemed like we had no room for any more ornaments. Well, we found room. I posted a video below of some the ornaments on the tree (a special thanks to our daughter for the rotating tree stand - we can see all the ornaments easily as the tree rotates)!

And what would this blog be without a few photos of barn ornaments. The round barn ornament was one we picked up at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont. The other barn was a common one we picked up in the last few years.

Enjoy the season!


~ RM said...

So Cool!!! I love those old ornaments! I don't have any up on my tree yet, I have to get to that soon. I think I have to buy some shatterproof ones, just in case.
We had some snow flurries this morning, although nothing stuck around. Coe was in his glory, and wouldn't come inside until his paws were so cold he could barely walk... Silly pup. He loves him some snow! ;)
I am secretly wishing for a whole heaping bunch of snow, hubby would be irritated if he knew that! Sabotage! haha, I just think it's so pretty- I'm dying to take the baby out to play! Ttyl!

Carole said...

The ornaments are beautiful... just like the two of you!