Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nearly Done!

We were visiting our daughter the last few days for Christmas. Our visit was too short. I miss her so much!

My wife and I got back late last nite and opened a few gifts we left behind. I now have 3 more decoys to work on (a mallard decoy, a generic small shorebird, and a puffin)! The shorebird and puffin will not be too hard. The mallard has a cork body (it is a real working decoy) so it will take a little more care.

And . . .

I finished the major painting of the merganser.

I still need to add some eyes, accent the piece with black accent lines, and distress it.

Pretty good for a first try. I learned a lot from this decoy. I hope to improve over time. It is nice to work with my hands instead of punching keys on a keyboard and scribbling on a whiteboard (PowerPoint gets old fast...)


Carole said...

Uncle Tractor,

I am impressed! Really gorgeous!

What is your next project? I have friends that would love a decoy....

~ RM said...

I love it!

Our visit surely was too short. But today, I watched some of the home videos you downloaded for me, and the kiddo perked right up when she heard you guys! She looked into the kitchen and asked, "Nana? Papa?" Aw,... It was bittersweet. Thank goodness we'll be over your way soon!