Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Cold Day

It was unseasonably cold this morning. We have about 4 inches of snow on the ground. It was around 14 degF last night. We got about 1/2 inch of new snow. Though it wasn't much, I decided to plow it so the sun would hit the driveway and dry it out. I don't want any icy patches.

Speaking of ice, the recent cold spell has started the creek freezing. I like to walk down to the creek in the winter and listen to the water. The chickadees will usually be about, curiously watching me as I watch them.

I rowed 20K meters this morning. As you might know, I row indoors on a Concept2 rower. I try to row1 million meters in a year. I hit my million meter mark on December 5th. I'm working towards rowing 200K meters between Thanksgiving and Xmas (its part of a yearly challenge the Concept2 company hosts). Right now, I am at 120K meters. Barring any last minute travel, I should be able to finish this by the 21st of December.

I made good progress on the merganser decoy. I started the rough sanding and fitting the head to the body. I was going to mortise it in, but it is easier to just nail it in. I'm pretty happy with it so far. The body needs to dry quite a bit more. I've decided to bring it inside and keep it near the stove. Hopefully, it will dry in a few weeks. Then I can finish the shaping / sanding and then tackle the paint job.


~ RM said...

THat decoy is looking so good!! I wish we didn't have to wait the few weeks of drying time to see the final product! I love how you kept the bark on where the wing is- whether you paint that part or not, it's going to look great.

I can't wait to come up there- you have such a beautiful piece of property. Chickadees are my favorite bird- they're so cute with their little round bellies.

Pat & Ron Harris said...

Just found your blog and cannot wait to see your Morganser finished. I loved the ornaments in one of your entries. I think I read backwards for several entries. The well.... we put one in once in Michigan. We had a dowser tell us where to drill. Interesting process. Great Blog, think I'll follow and see what happens next, besides I need to see your finished bird.

Uncle Tractor said...

Thanks for your comments. The carving is drying out nicely (I have it near the pellet stove).

Hopefully, I can finish it after Christmas.

I'll be starting on some bowls soon. Not sure how big they will be . . .