Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chilly Workshop Day

It was cold this morning (low 20s degF) when we got up. I made a pot of coffee, enjoyed a cup or two with the wife, and then rowed 20K on the indoor rower.

I put the kerosene heater in the workshop, filled it, and lit it. I went back inside for some lunch, and then went to work.

I sprayed the ark toy with clear coat. I also continued on with the merganser decoy. I shaped the body some more, and started to work the head. I'll carve the head a little more, then mortise it into the body. After that, I will finish the carving.

I want to use a distressed paint scheme. Anyone know how to do it?


~ RM said...

Sounds like a constructive day! And cold!!

The one way I know how to do a distressed paintjob is to simply paint, sand with a rough grit with the grain, and then buff with a acrylic glaze. You could also rub in a wax stain (instead of glaze)- it will accentuate any scuffs the sandpaper made through the paint to the wood. it also 'ages' the color of the paint... Test on a board because it does change the color a little.

Uncle Tractor said...

How caqn I et that crackle look like peelimg paint?