Sunday, December 20, 2009

200,000 Down!

I just finished this years Concept2 indoor rowing Holiday Challenge. I had to row 200K meters between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was not planning on doing it this year at first as I have had a lot of travel, keeping me from rowing. We were going to go to Gettysburg last weekend, but as my wife was not feeling well, we stayed home. I did 53K meters last weekend, and another 65K meters this past week.

With all the holiday preparations and travel I always find it hard to get the time in to do the Challenge. The distances aren't the issue - it is the time.

I am glad I got this one done. Now I can focus on a marathon row on New Year' Day (42,195 meters in one effort). Wish me luck!


~ RM said...

good luck!! ;)

Carole said...

Best of luck Bro... and congrats on your efforts thus far!!