Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Start of Summer

It is June 1st, and Summer is truly here.  I have been mowing the grass every week for a month now.  I have even had to knock back the knotweed.  But Spring was slow to come, and it felt like Summer would never get here.

The plants know summer is here - and they have sprung to life.  The Bleeding Hearts are doing great (even after the awful cold we had this winter)!

Early Summer is when I see mostly  purple and lilac flowers.  The rhododendrons are starting to flower . . .

. . . as are the wild violets.

My small Columbines made it through the winter.

Of course the Dame's Rockets are blooming everywhere.  The wild flowers are aggressive and will take over every square inch of field, but they can be pulled easily and are knocked back with a simple cutting.  Still, they look great in big groups.  I keep a patch going back by the creek.

We had a few casualties from the winter.  Our Holly bushes were very frost damaged.  I am not sure if I want to do a heavy pruning, or just replace them.

Our Thyme and Sage did not survive.  These are easily replaced.

We had started the garden weeks ago.  At first we sowed the cold-tolerant seeds, and even took the chance with getting some of the warm weather plants (Basil, Peppers, Tomatoes) in the ground.  Of course we had a slight frost, and lost the Basil and half the Peppers, but the Tomatoes did well.

The Garlic is doing great . . .

. . . as are the zucchini.

I started to thin the Carrots and Swiss Chard.

The perennial herbs are doing great.  The Chives are fantastic, the Oregano is lush, and the Tarragon is going crazy (note to self - Tarragon is very, very aggressive).  I might replant it!

We have the rest of the Peppers, new Basil plants, Green Beans, Green Onions and Spinach in the ground.  We should be harvesting our first spinach in a week (yum)!

We also put some new Thyme and Sage in.  Now, it is up to Nature (with some help from us) to let the garden grow.

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