Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Seeing Things the First Time

We were by the creek the other night, enjoying a fire in the chiminea.  The weather was perfect, the sky a deep blue.  I could hear the buzz of bees.  Where were they?  I looked up and saw them in the black locust trees.  Above us was the most beautiful cluster of blossoms I ever saw on a tree.  The bees were feasting.

I don't ever remember the black locusts so spectacular.  I noticed long ago that they are the last of the deciduous trees to leaf out.  But the flowers - wow!  Were they always like that?  How could I have missed such beauty?

Tonight I walked down to the creek at dusk.  As first, I could smell our late-blooming giant lilac tree (it is enormous).  As I got near the creek, the scent changed.  It was a faint, fruity smell.  I realized it too was the black locust flowers.

All these years I has been blind to the black locust trees.  If it wasn't for the buzz of the bees, I may never had paid attention to the beauty of these trees.

Nature always send out the message- I need to pay more attention to her...

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