Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Big Water

I decided to get in another paddle on Sunday.  It was going to be another beautiful day and I wanted to feel the sun on my face.  I decided to paddle on Cayuga Lake.  Surprisingly, I had never paddled on this lake.  I searched online for an easy launch point, and opted for a stretch of shoreline on Fall Creek.  The creek empties into the southern end of Cayuga.  From there, I would explore.

Fall Creek is rather slow moving as it empties into the lake full of wildlife.

The river was full of mergansers and their ducklings.  This is one of my favorite waterfowl.  I especially like the crests on the females.

I paddled upstream to see what the river would do.  It was quite shallow and slowly picked up speed as I went upstream. Fall Creek flows down from the Cornell University campus in Ithaca.

Finally, a great blue heron.  Another of my favorite birds.

The river got very shallow, and I knew I wouldn't be able to paddle up to the falls.  I turned around and headed to the lake.

The rowers appear to work the lake and rivers early in the morning.  I saw a number of single scullers and a few sweeps out on the water.  One individual started out as I was paddling by.  I guess he did not see me and I had to head to hard to port to avoid him.  I should have called "watch your point" to him.  No harm done.  He quickly passed by me and was out of sight.

I passed by the 147, 148 and 145 lights.  They mark a submerged pilings /  that leads down into the lower canal at the southern end of the lake.

I paddled to the 148 light.

Seagulls and young cormorants were resting on the light.

I guess this gull justed wanted a little solitude!

I then paddled up to the  146 light.

Once I got to it, I decided I needed to pick a direction.  I saw a marina off to the NNW, so I headed out onto the broad lake.

It felt great to just get in a rhythm and move across big water.  Distances are more deceiving.  The marina was a little over 2 nautical miles from the 146 light. The masts of the boats did not seem to get any closer as I paddled on.

I then arrived at the Ithaca Yacht Club.  Where to next?

I turned around and decided to head back to the canal way and see what was there (actually, I know what is there - just never experienced it from the water!).  It would be about 3 miles to the canal way.  What a beautiful day.

There were charming waterfront homes and cottages along the shore.  I would love to have a waterfront home!

By now it was nearing Noon, and the lake was coming to life with boats and other watercraft.

As I headed past the lights into the canal way, I was now close to the shoreline.  Instead of far-off vistas, I was treated to the wildflowers along the shoreline.  These yellow irises were all along the bank.

The canal way lead to the Allan Treman State Marine Park.  Many boats and kayakers were now on the water.  Whew - it was getting crowded.

I had some errands to run, so I decided to head back to my car.  I followed along the old pier to the 147 light.

The gulls kept watch.

There were all sorts of flowers growing on the old pier.  It was interesting looking up to them instead of looking down on them.

I rounded the 147 light and headed up Fall Creek.  The Cornell Campus was up the hill in the distance.

This was a great paddle.  It felt so good to be on big water.  I can't wait for my next paddle on Cayuga.

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