Sunday, June 29, 2014

Birds of a Feather

Decided to get decent paddle in this morning.  Just a few hours of constant motion - trying to improve my endurance.

I put in on the Susquehanna and headed upstream.  We had quite a bit of rain earlier in the week, and the average current seemed to have picked up a little.

The river was pretty calm by Hickories.  Soon I was past Hiawatha Island and heading further upstream.

About 4 miles upriver the current was really picking up.  I'd say it was at least 2 mph!  When you look over to the bank it looks like you are crawling along.

I came across three crows walking along a little gravel bar near the shore.  I found there behavior comical (though they probably thought I was also comical paddling against the current).

I continued upstream for another 1 1/2 miles.

After 1 3/4 hours of paddling I decided t0 head back.  At least I would get the benefit of the current.

As I came to the downstream end of Hiawatha Island, I came across an unexpected bird . . .

What was it?  By the coloration and the long neck, it was a Green Heron, of course!

I don't know if I have ever seen one on the Susquehanna River.  I have never seen one around mid day and in the wide open!  They are much less common then their big cousin the  Great Blue Heron . . .

After 65 minutes I was back to my car.  I had a nice workout.

And as an aside . . .

I have to say goodbye to an old friend.  My trusty Panasonic Lumix camera took a bath yesterday when the wife and I were paddling on Cayuga Lake.  I have used this camera all over the world and on most my paddling adventures the last several years.  It has captured some great memories!  We had put in by Fall Creek and then paddled over to the farmers market.  We were then heading up the canal way to see about grabbing some lunch, when I slipped by the shoreline and dunked my camera.  It is drying out now, but the prognosis is not too good.  I decided to get a water resistant camera (a Fuji FinePix XP70) which I used today.  So far, so good.

Safe Journeys!

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