Thursday, May 8, 2014

Chasing the Spring

It was a pleasant, warm evening.  I sat outside and watched the sun set over Spook Hill.  The air smelled alive (I would say it smelled green).  The peepers were calling out.  I could sit for hours and enjoy the warm weather.

I have been very negligent in my posting.  Not that I was not busy.  Just couldn't seem to complete my posts.  I posted pictures to my draft file.  Just didn't spend the time to attach the words.

I am getting busier around the yard.  I put the mower deck on the tractor.  I had to change the secondary belt on the mower deck.  Luckily I had a spare belt.  I sharpened the blades, greased the bearings, scraped the mower deck.

The spring rains have started.  We saw our first rainbow last weekend.  We were driving back from Ithaca, NY and watched a rainbow for 1/2 hour.  Amazing!

Do you see the second rainbow?

The new leaves are started.  The willows have started to leaf out.

We finally have our daffodils.  It feels like we are 3 weeks late.

My lone trillium has emerged.  The peonies, tiger lilies, hostas, bleeding hearts, and columbine and sedum are all going well.

The herb bed is doing surprisingly well.  The chives, tarragon and oregano are doing great (note to self - tarragon is really invasive)!

The garlic did recover well from the cold weather.  Twenty of twenty-one plants emerged.  Whew!

I could hear the chipmunks chirping away tonite.  Along with the songbirds and peepers, the evening sounds were so relaxing.

I mowed the grass already and started to put some of the cold weather seeds in the ground.  The spinach, green beans, scallions and carrots are now in the ground. It will be a few more weeks before we can chance the tomatoes, peppers, basil and zucchini.

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