Saturday, July 6, 2013

Typical Summer Saturday

Wake up. Roll out of bed.  Make a cup of coffee.  Read some news.

It rained last night.  All is wet.  The weather forecast is for a slight chance or rain in the afternoon.  Time to get going.

I open the barn and let it air out.  We have had a lot of rain this week and the lower level gets damp.

There is always a bed to weed somewhere.  I quickly filled a wheel barrow of weeds.

I fertilized the garden and staked the tomatoes.  You have to check them every week as they are really growing now.  I water the gardens.

I picked more snap peas.  I should pick the last of the late-spring spinach.  It hates the warm weather and just shuts down.   I should collect the rest of the kale.  We harvested the garlic and hung it to dry in the garage. Wow - what and aroma!

I work my compost as hard as I work my garden.  I started with 3 cubic yards of leaves.  With plenty of water and turning, I an down to 1.5 cubic yards of leaves.  They are composting nicely.

I mowed my grass, trimmed a few branches, and dead-headed the peonies. I also took a few minutes to enjoy the summer flowers.

The tiger lilies . . .

. . . shasta daisies . . .

. . . and the new clematis flowers.

It goes from sunny to cloudy.  Maybe it will rain.

There are always more chores.  I need to cut the knotweed.  There is always some trim paint to touch-up.  I want to put a door hood up onto one of the doors to the barn.  I hope to repaint the windows on the garage.  I need to sweep the barn, weed the shade garden, nail a few loose boards.  The gardens will be peaking soon, and we will be very busy with the picking, canning and freezing.

Enjoy your summer!

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