Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dewy Morning

The heat of the last few weeks has left, and we have had perfect days and cool nights.  We have had nice mornings here in the valley, full of fog and dewy lawns.

I watered the vegetable garden, and then looked around the other gardens.  The Painted Garden was most interesting.

I came across this oddly shaped leaf of Sweet Sorrel . . .

How did it get this way?  I don't think it was a snail, though they are in the Painted Garden . . .

I walked around to see what was around.  The Jewel Weed is about.  They are abundant (almost invasive), but I really like them.

We had quite a bit of rain this week.  The creek was very low during the recent heat wave, but it has recovered.

We haven't seen a lot of rabbits earlier in the summer, but we seem to have one hanging around the barn.  We see it every morning and in the evening.  We have seen him/her in the vegetable garden, but it hasn't found it's way into the raised beds.

I have consolidated the compost bins down to a single bin.  The bins were nice and damp, and full of worms.  It is doing well.

We are only halfway though Summer, but I feel Autumn is not far way!

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