Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Barn, Bad Barn, . . .

As a barn enthusiast (if there is such a thing), I am always on the lookout for interesting barns.  As I travel around, I take photos of barns of interest.

Good Barn

This is the round barn at the Shelburne Museum.  It was built in 1901 in East Passumpsic, Vermont.  It was relocated to the grounds of the Shelburne Museum in 1985/1986.

Okay Barn

This little barn is used for hay storage in Vergennes, Vermont.  I always liked the saddle-shaped slate roof.  It is well maintained, but the sagging roof and separated siding indicate some structural damage.

Sad Barns

This barn has lost one side and part of the roof.  In time it will collapse as water gets in and the structure gets weak.

This a another round barn, but the roof is gone and it is soon for collapse.  It takes a lot of money and time to keep a barn in good shape.

Recycled Barn

I've been watching this barn get disassembled.  My guess is that the wood is being sold to a company which reuses the wood for furniture, new construction, and flooring.  It's better to see the structure get recycled than rot away.

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