Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still Shakin' the Bushes Boss . . .

If you've seen the movie 'Cool Hand Luke', you've seen the scenes where the prisoners are walking down those dusty country roads cutting weeds.  I had my version this past weekend.  The Japanese Knotweed has been growing like crazy with all the rain.  It was over 4 feet tall in places.  I got out my trusty scythe and knocked it back by the creek.

Knotweed - Before and After

We couldn't see the creek before, now we can enjoy it again.

. . .

Update - I've been blogging a lot about all the wild trilliums.  My lone trillium made it through the winter and it is twice the size it was last year.  It did not flower this year, though it can take up to 7 years before it flowers.  In time it will build a colony.  We'll see what happens over the years (you can see I have a little cage around it to protect it from accidental trimming, etc.).


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Carole said...

You know, I think you like fighting the knotweed battle! Man vs weed! You rule!