Sunday, June 12, 2011

Into the Hidden Marsh

I decided to paddle at the mouth of the Otter by Fort Cassin.  The lake is still at flood stage, but the road is mostly clear.

The floods are receding.  There woods by the river are still flooded.  You can see the high-water mark on the trees.

The beaver lodge I saw previously has been enlarged.

The osprey are still plentiful and vigilant

I paddled up stream to an area I call the 'Hidden Marsh'.

Entrance to Hidden Marsh

During the summer when the water is low, it is too choked with weeds to paddle into.  With the high water, I could take it all the way in.  I finally found that it crosses Kellogg Bay Road.

The marsh is inhabited with the usual wildlife.  I saw Virginia Rails, Common Moorhen, ducks, geese and muskrat.

Out towards the edges, I saw heron.  There were Great Blue Heron . . .

This one was standing near a smaller heron.  What was it?

A Green Heron!  Pretty common, but more shy than the Great Blue Heron.

Another stately Great Blue Heron.

I am amazed at the green in the marsh.  The Duck Weed was all about . . .

. . . covering logs, . . .

. . .  and by the ferns and cattails.

I came across a patch of irises in the weeds.  Fantastic!

After a few hours of exploring, I headed back.  I came across an Osprey nest I had never seen before.

I then came across another beaver lodge.  This one had a dock pushed against it.  The dock must have been pushed downstream during the flood.

I had heard and seen frogs all about, but I never could get a photo.  Just as I was about to take my boat out, I came across this large bullfrog.  It never moved as I took some pictures.

It started to rain as I was preparing to leave.  The mosquitoes were fierce.  I must have killed over a dozen in my car that got in when I opened the car doors.  Luckily it was windy on the water and they did not bother me when I was paddling!

I hope you had a good day today!


Carole said...

I am truly amazed at your photography! You keep getting better and better! And the narration is entertaining and enlightening also.

Can't wait to read and see your next adventure!

Uncle Tractor said...

Carole - Thanks. Though I like capturing the bird photos (it takes a lot of time getting close enough), my favorites this time were the photos of the flooded trees and the one with the irises. We'll do some paddling when you visit this summer. The wildlife is incredible to watch. The wife and I will go out paddling this weekend. It will be a lot of fun!