Monday, May 2, 2011

From the Lake to the Mountains

Yesterday was a perfect day.  The winds were calm, it was sunny, the temperatures where in the low 70s degF. Spring is in full bloom.  The grass is green and growing like crazy.  The trees are leafing out, and the wildflowers are starting to bloom.

I started the day with a bike ride down by the lake.  I was planning on riding to Rt 125 and crossing the little causeway by the lake.  However, the recent flooding had the road closed.

As I headed home I looked at the construction of the Crown Point Bridge.  It is one of the few bridges that cross Lake Champlain.  This bridge was demolished recently and is to open later this year (we hope).

When I got home, the wife an I went for a short hike into the Green Mountains.  We drove south and turned east onto Rt 125.  Rt 125 comes up from the lake, through dairy farms, and into the Green Mountains.  We stopped at the Robert Frost Trail (which I visited a few times in the winter).

We made sure to look down and take in the wildflowers.  We saw Nodding Trilliums (which I have never seen before), . . .

. . . tons of Trout Lillies, . . .

. . . wild Phlox, . . .

. . . and Fiddleheads.

We then drove over the Green Mountains, and descended the mountains for a few miles.  We came to one of our favorite areas, Texas Falls Recreation Area of the Green Mountain National Forest.  There are trails by the falls, as well as a beautiful picnic area.

 Rt 125 is one of the great drives through Vermont.  Enjoy.


~ Regan said...

Wow. I really miss those creeks and falls! Beautiful flowers- we're only starting to bud here, but the greenhouse flowers are doing fine (pansies, hydrangeas etc...)

We are going mushroom hunting on Thurs and/or Fri, if I find some, I will surely dry them and share them with you! (Mom probably got the heebie-jeebies just thinking about them! lol_ Have you ever had them? They are delish! ;) My friend, Anne and her hubs just brought home 387 of them. Crazy!

Uncle Tractor said...

Make sure you leave some behind. If everyone over-harvests them, you won't have any next year! I hope to get some.

Holly said...

Texas Falls! It is so bizarre that I'm visiting your blog and seeing your photos of the Falls, because just yesterday I was talking with a friend about how we investigated the Burlington, VT, area as a possible place to move to when we decided to leave central NJ/ eastern PA behind a few yrs ago. We wound up in upstate NY instead, but LOVED the Middleton area and stayed at a lovely B&B in Ripton, and also visited Texas Falls, during one of our preliminary potential job hunting searches. Heaven on earth. Had a great dinner at Tully and Marie's in Middleton! ;-)

Your huge mushroom ball pic is amazing. I remember the smaller puffballs from childhood.

Uncle Tractor said...

Thanks Holly. Texas Falls is quite nice, especially in early summer. Tully and Marie's is now a place called Jacksons. Middlebury is a great town - I think it is the perfect picture of a New England town. In July they a hold music festival on the town green It is a great way to spend the evening - grab a blanket or lawn chair, pack a picnic basket [maybe sneak a little wine in there ;) ], listen to music and watch all the people. A perfect everning!