Saturday, May 14, 2011

Springtime Yellow and White

It was going to rain later in the day, so I jumped on the bike early in the morning for a short 20 mile ride.  I went along one of my favorite roads - some good hills, marshes, woods, meadows, pastures, red-barned farms, old houses, creeks, covered bridges, and little traffic.

Along the way I noticed that the dominant colors of the wildflowers were white and yellow.

A dense cluster of Trilliums and Sedums.


Marsh Marigolds

Winter Cress

As the summer comes, more colors will appear.  I'll keep an eye out for the change of flower colors.  Enjoy!

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Holly said...

Hi Uncle Tractor! Thanks as always, for visiting my blog. I was just checking out your pics and had no idea VT was experiencing flooding, too. Your wildlife shots a few posts down are amazing. Kayaking always seems so serene. I used to canoe years ago... You asked about my camera. I have a 3 yr old (?) Canon PowerShot S5iS. It's considered "point and shoot" but a lot of reviews say it's like a combo of a point and shoot and a DSLR because of its features and size. I love it. I do wish the lens opened up a bit more so I could get more limited depth of field. It also has a "super macro" setting which I use often for those closeups. I've always loved Canons. Had an Olympus digital yrs ago that was just horrible!